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 [GUIDE] Basic Risk Strategy

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PostSubject: [GUIDE] Basic Risk Strategy   [GUIDE] Basic Risk Strategy EmptySun Mar 25, 2012 3:51 am

From " Risk Legacy Fan" on official forum

Quote :
It's getting kind of tiresome watching people make very fundamental Risk mistakes. I don't know what percentage of Factions players read this forum, but for those of you without a lot of Risk experience, here is a basic guideline to the fundamentals of Risk strategy.

I'm not going to get into the specifics of how the presence of weapons changes the strategy. NeoStuffy is doing a really good job with those strategy guides. This guide is going to just look at the core rules of Risk. Choices you make in the first few rounds should mostly be governed by basic strategy anyway, since no one's going to have the ability to play any weapons until the second turn at the absolute soonest.

1. This is a numbers game

Many beginners at Risk think the object of this game is to acquire new territories. It's not. The object of this game is to increase the size of your army, and decrease the size of your opponents' armies. If you have control of every single territory on the board except one, with only one troop in each, while your opponent has 100 troops in his one territory, your opponent is going to win the game. (Unless you have access to a Sleeper Cell weapon, but like I said I'm ignoring weapons for the purposes of this discussion.)

What matters most is increasing the size of your force, and decreasing the size of your opponents' forces. And in the early part of the game, defense is far, far more important than offense. The reason for this is that you have three opponents. You can only attack one of them at a time, and every time you do so, you put your own precious troops at risk of being lost.

For example, say you go first. Everyone starts the game with the same number of troops, say it's 20. You attack one of your opponents, and you each lose one troop. You and he are now down to 19, while the two opponents you didn't attack are both still at 20. Even though the outcome of your roll was neutral, you are worse off than you were before you rolled.
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[GUIDE] Basic Risk Strategy
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