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 Missing items due to possible glitches

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Missing items due to possible glitches Empty
PostSubject: Missing items due to possible glitches   Missing items due to possible glitches EmptyThu Apr 19, 2012 6:54 pm

I have been having a few issues with this, not many but a few....first i had an issue with the weekly bonus, it said i had gotten 4 sim cash, but when i went into shop mode after visiting a few houses it was at 1 sim cash. Another was when i went to cook something, it went up 1 bar, then i had to refresh the page and when i went back it was still at 1 bar, but when i pressed it 2 times it only gave me 2 bars instead of 3. Lastly some of the requests i send to people do not send so i cannot get certain things, it happened on a fair few things, and now it is just 1 thing......if anyone has similar issues than this, feel free to post....and remember all games have their faults and its not anyone's fault, they can only be corrected, just specify the issue and hopefully they will be fixed clap
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Missing items due to possible glitches
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